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Questions about HDJuiceBox

What is Bandwidth and how does it affect HDJuiceBox?

Your internal power lines can handle only a certain amount of information being streamed down them at one time. Of course, each HDJuiceBox receiver requires that you send more information down the power lines. We advise that people purchase systems with just one or two receivers so that you get a full HD quality image. It is very rare that we have issues with one or two receivers when there are no other Powerline devices being used, such as a home plug system.

Does HDJuiceBox work with an existing Home Plug system?

The answer for this is a little complex. It entirely depends on your cabling, the usage of your Home Plug system and the amount of HDJuiceBox receivers. Though we do not recommend using HDJuiceBox with an existing Home Plug system, most of the time you'll be fine with a Home Plug system with one to two receivers unless you have heavy internet usage over your Home Plug.

How can I control my input source if it's in another room?

The HDJuiceBox has an IR pass-through feature that allows you to use a remote with the receivers and then transfer the IR back through the power lines to transmit out of IR emitters in order to control the inputs.

Does HDJuiceBox use two power sockets?

No, you will only require one power socket each for the transmitter and receiver to work correctly. The power leads that you use to power the transmitter and receiver is also used to stream the HD picture and sound to your receivers. There are no special adapters or extra power sockets required.

When connected to my SKY box, can I watch two channels at the same time?

No, for two reasons. Your SKY box is unable to output two channels at once, so no matter what system you use you will be unable to watch two channels at once. The other reason is answered in the next question.

Can I watch different sources on each receiver?

No, though we do sell products that do this they do not work over power - as this would put too much information down the lines at once. The HDJuiceBox acts like a switch rather than a matrix, meaning that you will only be able to watch a single input source on all TVs connected to the HD receivers. The HDJuiceBox can, however, have two sources connected.

I've connected my source to the transmitter...how can I watch it on the TV close-by?

The transmitter allows you to plug the local TV into the output on the box so that you can watch the input that it is currently streaming down the power lines. This does not take up bandwidth on your power lines. HOWEVER, if your TV has two HDMI inputs then you can add a splitter before inputting into the HDJuiceBox Transmitter and split one cable off to HDMI input 2.

Does the HDJuiceBox carry 3D?

Yes, and no. It does carry Sky 3D but it will not carry full HD 3D. This is because Sky3D is not true HD.

What if I have low bandwidth?

Please contact us, we should be able to help you, support@aclasstechnology.com

Is it hard to set up?

No! We have made it very simple to set up HDJuiceBox. All it requires is that you plug your Satellite/Blu-Ray/Cable Box (or other sources) into the transmitter via the supplied HDMI cable. Connect the HDJuiceBox transmitter via the supplied power lead to a mains socket and switch it on.

Then connect the remote TV via the supplied HDMI to the HDJuiceBox receiver, connect the supplied power lead to a mains socket and switch the unit on.

After about 1 minute the receiver will see and connect to the transmitter and then you are set up - it's done. Overall it takes less than ten minutes to set up depending on how fast you can get between the rooms.

Can I use games consoles (XBOX, PS3, Wii) remotely via my HDJuiceBox?

Games consoles can be used as media players via HDJuiceBox however as the signal is buffered and therefore has a slight delay HDJuiceBox is not recommended for game play with game consoles.

Infrared remote control seems very slow when controlling my source from the remote TV?

In fact the Infrared is working correctly it is just that the buffering that HDJuiceBox uses to maintain a good quality image means that the signal sent has a small delay before you see the it on the screen.

I have seen other Multimedia Players that stream over Powerline, what is different about HdJuiceBox?

Most of the other devices you may have seen will only stream media from a computer, whereas HdJuiceBox does not require a computer and will work with any device that has an HDMI output (Satellite TV , Cable TV, Blu-ray, DVD, etc).

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