Stream HDTV around your house using existing power sockets and the HDJuiceBox

The NEW HDJuiceBox Lite allows you to transmit HD HDMI Video anywhere in your home using existing power sockets; saving you the hassles of rewiring. The system consists of a receiver and a transmitter that deliver H.264 HD video and audio from SKY HD boxes, Set Top Boxes, Blu-ray™ disc players, video game consoles etc. to compatible HDTV displays located near power outlets. The HDJuicebox lite receiver is easily connected to your HDTV via HDMI™ cable while your AV source equipment is connected directly to the HDJuicebox lite transmitter.

This means no expensive rewiring of the house or office is necessary. It supports full IR pass-thru so that the source can be controlled, via a remote, from any receiver location

Transmitter and receiver that deliver H.264 HD video
  • H.264 compression technology
  • Incorporates HDMI™ technology
  • Supports up to 1920 x 1080 @60i/50i/23.98p/24p resolution
  • Incorporates SmartLink PLC with 500Mbps PHY rate ***NEW FEATURE***
  • Supports optimal QoS for video streaming
  • Suports video source remote control
  • Suports Dual HDMI Input Switching
  • Back channel to support remote IR control for original video player
  • Supports HDMI™ video interfaces
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Transmitter Dimensions - Width 182mm, Height 32mm, Depth 97mm
  • Receiver Dimensions - Width 182mm, Height 32mm, Depth 97mm

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Reviews of HDJuiceBox

The ScotsmanThe noose has been slowly lowering around the neck of my 46in Sony LCD TV. It currently dominates my rather small living room. The shadow it casts at midday finally became too much for my girlfriend, who demanded it must go. Moving the 20kg brute was one problem, the more pressing technological dilemma was how to transmit the video signal from my living room-wired Sky box to my bedroom TV upstairs. The HDJuiceBox - which is basically an HDMI video streamer - claims it could solve my conundrum. In the simplest terms using the box means you can transmit high definition video (HDMI) from a Bluray player or Sky/BT/Virgin TV box to anywhere else in your house without additional wires.

This is achieved, rather cleverly, by sending the video signal via the existing electrical wires in your house, piggy-back style. Set-up was actually pretty simple: two black boxes, one connected to my Sky TV box downstairs and the nearest plug socket. A second sited upstairs connected to the projector in my bedroom and another plug socket. I switched everything on and crossed my fingers. The green "Link" LED blinked on to confirm a connection on both of the boxes, but then nothing, just a black screen of despair. After some wire wiggling, I switched the plug connection around - problem solved.

As if by magic, the swirling dragons of Game of Thrones were now visible in all their glory upstairs, all thanks to a couple of black boxes and my existing electricity wires. Even better, the built-in infra-red extender meant that my Sky remote also worked upstairs. The system is extendable and can double as an internet connection relay as well. It's an elegant, if extravagant, way of watching HD video or TV anywhere in your house.

The Scotsman, 15th June 2013

BBC Focus Science and Technology MagazineYour house's wiring can be used to carry more than just electricity. Plug this HDJuiceBox into your set-top box and the nearest power socket, and it'll ferry the TV signal through your home's power cables to another socket that has a second JuiceBox plugged in. Connect this to a TV, and you can carry a signal across rooms and through floors. It's great if you only have one TV aerial socket in your house.

BBC Focus Science and Technology Magazine, June 2013

What Satellite & Digital TV Magazine - Silver AwardHDJuiceBox has been awarded a prestigious Silver Award from What Satellite & Digital TV Magazine. More info to follow...

What Satellite & Digital TV Magazine, November 2011

The HDJuiceBox is one of those useful devices that solves a common problem for those of us who want to get a little more from our home cinema and entertainment systems - namely sending video content to other screens in our houses from a single source.

Whilst you can run very long and expensive additional cables, the benefit of the HDJuiceBox is that you donít need to - it does it all through your existing electrical cables. This means that it is easy to set up and of course it saves money too - and most importantly, it works remarkably well.

Home Cinema Buyer, November 2011

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